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Unfortunately our regular Rock n Roll Bingo feature is taking a break for while, but fear not we have a perfect replacement lined up.   We will be hosting our own variation of it, and by not having to pay for a 3rd party to come in we can save money as well.

The principal idea is exactly the same as before, with the chance to win some cash prizes and have a bit of a sing-a-long as well.  The bonus is that we can use whatever songs we want, so as well as having some set rounds of 60s, 70s etc we can tailor one of them to your favourite songs.   So drop an email to kev@bletchleyconservativeclub.com with a list of songs youd like included, and well try to create a game a bit more personal.

The inaugural games will be on Friday 25th February, 8pm start.  If things go well we can make it a regular thing, so please come along and support us.



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